Michelle Coelho’s Plan for Connecticut

Michelle Coelho’s Plan for Connecticut


It’s time to make Connecticut more affordable. Michelle plans to lower taxes and eliminate wasteful spending. Her aim is to create an economy and business climate that works for middle class families.

Education Funding and Choice

Not every child is the same and not every child’s needs are the same. Michelle strongly believes that parents should have a choice in where their child goes to school. Michelle supports state funding for a new public charter school in Danbury.


Michelle knows Connecticut can’t thrive without safer communities. She backs our law enforcement and plans to give them the tools they need to keep our neighborhoods and families safe. That’s why she has been endorsed by the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police.

Protecting Local Control

Michelle believes education and zoning decisions should be made right here at the local level, not determined by the state. We deserve more of a say on the education and zoning issues that affect our daily lives- it’s time we give our local communities power, and a seat at the table.